Saranda Distribution

Saranda Distribution is a modern distribution company, which has taken representation of a lot of companies, which are producers of food products. The firm works at the territory of the whole country and supplies to all client, doesn't matter if it is a big store chains, supermarkets or restaurants. Saranda Distribution  have a professional, well  learned  team of 125 people. The firm own  storehouses at three regimes  in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas and have a  modern department for slights and for packaging equipped by European standards. 45 specialized  cars are servicing  the market at the whole country. 
Saranda Distribution have the pleasure to offer you a special, high quality products, which are produced in the most famous  cmpanies in Europe and the world. The advantage for our partners is, that their food products are healthful, produced by  observing  of the most strict technological  requirements. The companies we are working with are  determined  as at their own as at the world market. Our firm offers a big  variety of milk, meat, frozen and other products. Them we are introduce further.
margarine Sarina
butter Oldeenburg
special cheese Oldenburger, Pannonia
olive oil Hojiblanca
melted cheese Medve
delicacies, hams, sausages Casademont
fishes and fish specialties Almar, King Oscar
Soya  sause Pearl River Bridge, Chain Kwo, sause Tabasco mustard San Marco
boiled potatoes  and potatoes specialties Aviko
frozen vegetables mixes Dujardin
frozen pizzas  Guseppe
prepared frozen  dishes Frosta, Maheso
In the willingness to settle its own  brands ,,Fiesta", ,,Rio", ,,Zimnina", ,,OLE" the firm offers a wide gamma of products under this marks. This are as produced in Bulgaria hams, sausages, delicacies, frozen chickens and dusks  and chicken parts, semi-manufactures, oil, deep fat frying , boiled potatoes and vegetables, as produced in whole Europe Spanish olive oil Extra Virgin, Spanish and Polish  frozen vegetables and vegetables mixes, canned  peas and  corn.
With brand ,,Mr. Baker" the firm starts a  wide gamma of frozen bread  products , refreshments  and donaties, which  are established fast at the market with its high quality and taste.  
Choosing  our products you will choose the best quality and competitive prices. All goods, we offer are  obligatory  attended on veterinary certificate. The products of Saranda Distribution we supply to Metro, Billa, Ramstore, Hit Hippermarket, Evropa, Pocadily, Sani, Sara, Outlet 3,4,5, Petrol stations Ecopetrolium. A big part of our products you can find at our state at Central market hall in Sofia.
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